In addition to improving productivity and the quality of communications; HTCS SIPTEL Server offers the advantage of Telephony Toll Cost savings across your enterprise. Its powerful LINUX server allows you to quickly and easily integrate voice, multimedia and network functionality to empower your staff and enrich your operations performance. As a cost saving measure, HTCS SIPTEL Server can reduce your companies communication cost by as much as 75%, even more if you conduct business around the world.

HTCS SIPTEL Server is a robust scalable, enterprise-grade and fully featured unified communications solution; based on a real-time architecture that grows with your company. It features integrated voicemail, unified messaging, presence, call center, multiple auto attendants, paging and intercom services and a powerful plug & play web-based configuration and management system. HTCS SIPTEL Server is based entirely on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard and operates on standard Linux operating system. It interoperates with a large number of third party phones, PSTN/IP gateways and scales to thousands of seats.
Switching to the HTCS SIPTEL Server has proven to be the right choice for many enterprises already. It offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and it does not lock you into a vendor specific and proprietary solution.


Reduce operating costs & save thousands of dollars each month in long distance costs. Now you can conduct business in new markets and realize the economic value in real time communications. Easy to install, configure and manage Browser based system management tool allows you to simply configure your server, managed devices (gateways and phones) and go! True intuitive management with click-and-go. Legacy telecommunications investment protection Standards-based system supports existing network and meets all requirements for TDM PBX replacement, augmentation and migration. Unmatched system flexibility, interoperability and lower-cost solution components SIP standards compliance ensures interoperability with off-the-shelf solution components and applications from other vendors that conform to SIP standards. Mix and match phones across the enterprise based on individual preferences.

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