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HTCS’s call recording software allows call records to be easily played back through a PC. Call records may be emailed for quick and easy sharing of telephone conversations to facilitate quality monitoring, training or distribution of key information. Call records can be easily searched, sorted, retrieved or moved for quick and effective archive management.

Voice recording may be activated automatically or manually ‘on-demand’ by pressing a key on the PC keyboard or on the telephone itself. Manual recording permits conversations to be recorded at any time during the call, with most recent unrecorded calls cached for handy “post save” retrieval.

Typical Connection Diagram

Typical Connection Diagram


    • Automatic or “on-demand” call recording
    • WAV or compressed WMA audio format (e.g. 3MB per hour of conversation)
    • Call display information recorded
    • Call duration, date, and time
    • Call record, move, email, and copy functions
    • Task bar flashing indicator when recording
    • Call record storage management
    • Relay outputs for ring, message waiting, and in-use (off-hook)

Typical Applications

    • Small call centers, customer service
    • Financial trading, banking, accounting
    • Emergency services
    • Legal offices
    • Contract negotiation, purchasing, sales
    • School administration, reception, counseling
    • Human resource departments
    • Dispatch centers
    • Conference call meetings

Call Recording – Multi Users

Key Features:

    • LAN based supervisor live call monitoring
    • Automatic or on-demand recording from the telephone
    • Non-proprietary Windows based PC Server
    • Permissions-based user access
    • Unlimited supervisors and users
    • Records and monitors up to 32 telephones simultaneously
    • Scaleable cost structure provides best value for 1 to 32 telephones
    • Feature-rich solution with user friendly interface

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