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Office Telephone Solutions By AVAYA

HTCS carries the complete line of Avaya Office Telephones. Some of our best sellers, are the Avaya Digital Deskphones, Avaya VoiP IP phones and Avaya Conference Phones. All are compatible with the popular Avaya IP Office. We are also able to obtain some older phones from Nortel. Please take a look at our lineup of supported Avaya Office Telephones below.

1100 Series IP Deskphones

These ergonomically designed Deskphones are available in a range of models to suit employees at every level of business.

1200 Series IP Deskphones

These IP deskphones offer softkeys, speakerphones, advanced audio quality, headset support, and an integrated Ethernet switch for single desktop wiring.

Avaya 1400 series

1400 Series Digital Telephones

For a wide range of users, these phones offer a contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features.

1400 series Digital Telephones

1600 Series IP Deskphones

1600 Series IP Telephones deliver basic communications features at an attractive price point. These phones are ideal for enterprises and call centers alike, and can be deployed alongside other Avaya telephones.

2000 Series IP Deskphones

This versatile series of IP telephones deliver business-grade telephony features and applications.

3700  DECT Series

3700 Series DECT Handsets

This family of mobile handsets delivers high-quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within a building or campus.

4000 Series DECT Handsets

These handsets provide mobility throughout the workplace, allowing employees to stay connected via the wireless network as they move through a building or campus.

4600 Series IP Telephones

These phones have advanced calling features as well as stylish look. They incorporate a built-in headset jack, a message waiting indicator, easily readable displays, hearing aid compatibility, NetMeeting compatibility, multiple programmable feature keys, and display navigation keys.

5400 Series Digital Deskphones

The Avaya 5400 series adds several enhancements over previous generations of digital telephones and works exclusively with Avaya IP Office for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses. These include paperless button labels, local call log and speed dial directories.

5600 Series IP Telephones

This series of Avaya IP phones have a lot of software features and high audio quality. Some versions are enabled to support browser based desktop applications such as online order entry and inventory lookup apart from directory based dialing and call logging.

7000 Series Digital Deskphones

The 7000 Series Digital Deskphones set the standard for durability, reliability, and flexibility. These phones offer a wide range of user-friendly features to suit front desks, conference rooms, supervisors, and mobile workers.

7400 Series DECT Handsets

The 7400 Series DECT Handset seamlessly extends the features and applications of Business Communications Manager (BCM) to wireless communications. It offers cost-effective, high-quality multi-cell roaming capabilities within and around the office environment.

Avaya 9504 Digital Deskphone

The 9504 Digital Deskphone is designed for light phone users with straightforward needs. It offers 12 administrable feature buttons, high-quality speakerphone, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and a 4-way navigation cluster.

Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphone

Indispensable for phone-intensive workers and people managing and transferring calls, this phone delivers 24 administrable feature buttons on 3 levels, a two-way speakerphone, active appearances for easier call handling, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and a 4-way navigation cluster.

9600 Series IP Deskphones

Ranging from the 9608 to the 9670G, the 9600 Series addresses the unique needs of different users. These IP telephones drive increased employee productivity.

9600-series IP phones.

Conference Phones

Avaya Conference Phones are ideal for spontaneous collaboration in meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and conference rooms.

Please Click Here for more information about Avaya Conference Phones.

IP Wireless Phones

Avaya IP Wireless Phones transform businesses with improved productivity and responsiveness through advanced mobile communications over wireless LANs.

E100 Series SIP Phones

Avaya E169 Media Station

Avaya E169 Media Station

Turn your every day, everywhere mobile device into a corporate communications tool. Just dock an Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet in the E169 Media Station and log in. You’ll have a secure connection to your corporate network and superb audio quality. With or without a smart device docked, the E169 Media Station delivers the basic calling features you use most—call, transfer, mute, and conference—all via an easy-to-use interface.

Avaya E169 Media Station Fact Sheet

Avaya E129 IP Deskphone

Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone

Ideal for use on desktops and in many other locations, including: lobbies, waiting rooms, warehouses, classrooms, and retail spaces—the Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone delivers basic SIP telephony capabilities, enabling enterprises to replace older analog or digital phones with advanced technology. The E129 SIP Deskphone provides frequently used features, including three-way ad hoc conferencing, hold, mute, and forward. It includes three context-sensitive soft keys, a monochrome display, and support for two concurrent calls using a Flash key.

Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone Fact Sheet

Traditional Norstar Meridian Telephones

Avaya/Nortel T7316e Speakerphone

The Avaya/Nortel T7316 is a 2 Line 16 Character each LCD display Tilt Display Visual Ring indicator 14 Memory buttons with LCD indicators 8 Memory buttons without LCD indicators, Large Dial Pad Audio Control Center – with volume bar, headset and Mute buttons, 3 Soft Keys – to assist using the visual display prompts on the LCD. Headset Jack & Wall Mountable. Available in Charcoal and Platinum.

Avaya/Nortel T7208

The Avaya/Nortel T7208 is uniquely suited for lower internal and high external calling volumes, and it supports up to eight lines and frequently used features. This multi-line telephone offers eight memory buttons, a 16-character LCD Window, and a headset jack. The T7208 is a cost-effective solution for users needing only a few programmable features and/or autodial numbers. It is well-suited for reception areas and for workstations with moderate call volume and activity – as well as areas with shared telephones, such as manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers.

Avaya/Nortel T7100

This single line telephone delivers dependable functionality to users or areas with low usage requirements, like lobbies and break rooms. The T7100 telephone provides one programmable memory button and a feature button, along with the one-line by sixteen-character LCD Window.

Avaya/Nortel T24 KIM

The Avaya Nortel Business Series Terminal Central Answering Position (BST CAP) embodies the same high quality, flexibility and expandability you have come to expect from Nortel Networks. It is ergonomically designed to ensure administrative assistants, receptionists and emergency contact center personnel distribute calls more efficiently. By attaching up to four T24 Key Indicator Modules (KIMs) directly to a T7316E, users can elevate their operations while maintaining exceptional customer service. The result is an elegant desktop telephone solution ready to transform the pace and efficiency of any business operation while maintaining exceptional customer service standards.

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