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Cisco Business Edition BE6000

Fundamentals of the BE6000

Able to handle 1,000 users, 100 contact centre agents and up to 50 remote branch offices, the Cisco Business Edition BE6000 is a Cisco Office Phone System, that simplifies unified communications and collaboration portfolio for mid-sized companies.

The Cisco Business Edition BE6000 is a single server and fully virtualized environment – embedded services include Cisco’s world renowned Unified Communications Manager, Unity Integrated Voice Messaging, Instant Messaging and Presence and Cisco’s Integrated Video Communications Solution. The Cisco Business Edition BE6000 also supports various 3rd party applications that can be running co-resident on the same Cisco Business Edition BE6000 server, saving customers the headaches of buying additional servers and maintenance to host them.



Cisco Office Phone Systems Features and Capabilities

Built with industry-leading, proven, and trusted technology, Cisco Business Edition BE6000 delivers end-to-end collaboration capabilities for up to 1000 users, 2500 devices, 50 sites, and 100 contact center agents. The packaged solution solves complex communications challenges with one purpose-built, simple-to-use and centrally-managed platform.

Cisco Business Edition BE6000 Features

  • Complete service offering: End-to-end collaboration capabilities include voice, video, conferencing, messaging, instant messaging and presence, mobility, and more, for every user.
  • Differentiated communications capabilities: Cost-effective, high-quality multiparty video conferencing brings employees, customers, and partners closely together.
  • Simplified deployment and management: A preconfigured virtualized server with ready-to-run virtualization software and ready-to-activate collaboration applications makes setup quick and easy.
  • Open and interoperable architecture: Innovative system transparently supports third-party applications, and telepresence and video endpoints.
  • Scalable and highly-available platform: This purpose-built solution has the ability to grow and change with the pace of your business

Customer Benefits

  • Cisco Business Edition BE6000 helps to improve business processes and collaboration throughout your entire organization.
  • Boost productivity with an efficient working environment that supports users on any device, from any location, at any time.
  • Customize the collaboration you need today with the flexibility to change and adapt with growth.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to your customers, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduce operations complexity and costs by providing your limited IT staff with one simple solution to manage.
  • Lower TCO with hardware consolidation, reduced power and cooling costs, and easy-to-use provisioning and administration tools.

Extensive IP Phone and Video Endpoint Portfolio

Cisco Business Edition BE6000 supports a wide variety of Cisco Unified IP Phones and Cisco TelePrescence Endpoints.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Solution design
  • Server capacity
  • Scale-up, single-server solution
  • Add second server for redundancy / high-availability
  • Cisco Unified Communications on UCS C220 M3 Rack Server supports up to 1000 users, 50 sites, 100 contact center agents
  • Application capacity

    Medium Density (MD) Model – 5 total (choice of 4 unified communication and collaboration applications (e.g., voice, messaging, IM and presence, video, contact center, conferencing) + 1 management)

    High Density (HD) Model – 9 total (choice of 8 unified communications and collaboration applications (e.g., voice, messaging, IM and presence, video, contact center, conferencing) + 1 management)

    Licensing options

    Cisco Unified Connect License (UCL)

    Cisco Unified Workspace License (UWL)


    Both server models are available with export restricted or export unrestricted software


    Overview of the BE6000

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